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Shenzhen Yazhen Electronic Technology Com.,Ltd was established in September 2021, it's a new born company
but it's already in electronics accessory for eight years.
As a factoy based company ,our goal is to create fashion accessories for smart phones and tablets.
In China mainland , we invest the expert manufactures from the very beginning, it covers the most range of accessories: cases, screen protectors, wireless charger etc. Our supply chain is the foundation support of whole system, thanks to our all partners.
We serve the customer at home and abroad, from material to engineering , from design to technology ,from production to quality system。 We are always keen on each process to ensure customer satisfaction.
For a reliable, professional , fast service, lower MOQ supplier is the important key for most of brand. We will help you to avoid risk, offer the update market information on time , design right product according to your culture and market requirements. We focus on OEM/ODM , manufacturing , and service after sales.
Yazhen launch and update new products every week, welcome to work with us.
Company culture: Professional/ Focus/Responsible/Reliable
Our mission: to meet diverse demands.
Our goal: design more good products for human daily life.

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